Design stage

Design Stage

The Improvements Project Manager will commence developing detailed design of the project in line with the outline proposals and sketch plans and will consult and apply, as required, for all the statutory authority approvals as part of the detailed design stage. As part of the design development the Improvements Project Manager will also ensure the works comply with Health and Safety regulations.

With detailed design work complete and where required a full project specification and tender documents will be produced. A final pre-tender cost check will be carried out and the Client Representative will be informed of the pre-tender estimate. Should the cost estimate escalate from the original estimates a detailed explanation will be given.

A copy of all specification drawings and the tender pack will be forwarded to the Client Representative for approval. The Client Representative will be required to sign off the tender submission to confirm it meets with the project brief and to confirm their approval to proceed to tender on the basis of the pre-tender estimate.

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