Improvement Process - Key Personnel

Client Representative

The Client Representative (CR) will act as the main point of contact between the School or Service they represent and the ESS Improvements Team. The CR will play an integral and focal part of the improvement process. The client should be aware that all projects require a certain time commitment on their behalf which at times can be overlooked and not fully appreciated.

Client Representative duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • to act as liaison between the School/Service they represent and the ESS Improvements Team
  • to be able to dedicate sufficient time to the project as required
  • to fully communicate with the School or Service they represent
  • to be able to act with the full authority of the Service or School they represent
  • to take on design responsibilities as determined by the Improvements Project Manager

Improvements Project Manager

The Project Manager for the Improvements Team will be responsible for successful development of the project from feasibility to completion on site including the management of the agreed project budget within agreed time constraints and meetings high quality standards.

Improvements Project Manager's responsibilities include:

  • to ensure effective communication with the CR
  • to manage the project budget within agreed constraints
  • to ensure the project represents value for money
  • to ensure the project is completed within the target completion timescale agreed with the client
  • to ensure that all work is carried out in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Further details on our Service Level Standard and our obligation to you as a client can be viewed here.

Estate Faculty Coordinator

The Estate Faculty Coordinator (EFC) is a faculty based member of staff who is responsible for prioritising all the improvement requests within the faculty they represent. The EFC will also act as a point of liaison between the Faculty and the Improvements Team and as such all enquiries and improvement requests should be forwarded ESS via the EFC. The Improvements Project Manager will ensure that the EFC and the CR are kept informed of all project developments and progress throughout the duration of the project.