Tender Stage

After approval has been received tenders will be invited from competent contractors in accordance wth University procurement procedures. The amount of time allocation for the contractors to tender for the works will depend on the complexity and nature of the works.

The procurement path chosen to complete the works will depend on the nature of the work, complexity and time restraints and where required the Improvements Project Manager may decide to adopt an expedited approach to the process. Your Improvement Project Manager will be able to advise you further if the nature of the project is suitable.

Following receipt of tenders the Improvements Project Manager will carry out a post tender evaluation of the lowest returned tender and will make a recommendation to the Client Representative and the Estate Faculty Coordinator. If the recommendation to award a contract is accepted the Improvements Project Manager will send the Client Representative a Tender Cost Notification Form MI3 (Word: 253KB) form for approval. On receipt of the approved form a SAP transfer of 90% of the total tender sum will be trasnfered from the Faculty or Service budget allocation into an ESS holding account from which the Improvements Project Manager will raise purchase orders to mobilise contractors to site.

Download a copy of the Improvement Process document