Security Initiatives

Security Initiatives

Please find below some of the initiatives introduced by the Security Service.

"Eyes" Initiative

You may have noticed these "Eyes" around campus. This initiative involves CCTV Eyes Initiativeposters that depict "Eyes" positioned at cycle racks around the campus. Research has shown that posters of eyes has a psychological effect in deterring crime than other forms of crime prevention.

See links below about the "Eyes" signage:

For further information about the "Eyes", please e-mail

Safezone Scheme

Newcastle University Security Section are currently promoting a 'free app for your safety'.

safezone 2017

Please feel free to visit the Safezone Website for more details or retrieve a Safezone card from the Reception at the Barras Building.



Property Registration Scheme

This allows you to register your property on a FREE private and secure portfolio of all property.

The types of property that we recommend registering are all portable electronic items such as mobile phones, cameras, laptops and ipods. Larger items such as pedal cycles, televisions and even musical instruments can also be logged.

Please see further details on the Immobilise website which shows how you can personally create a portfolio.