University Travel Plan

A Travel Plan is a package of measures aimed at promoting sustainable travel, with an emphasis on the reduction of reliance on single occupancy car travel.

Travel Plans are the Government’s recommended way for employers to widen travel choice, to promote greener, cleaner travel choices and to reduce reliance on the car.

Aims of the University Travel Plan

  • Help to reduce congestion, demand for car parking spaces, environmental pollution and visual intrusion caused by parked vehicles.
  • Increase travel choice for staff, students and visitors.
  • Bring health benefits due to:
    • reduced air pollution;
    • reduced road traffic accidents;
    • increased physical fitness by encouraging walking or cycling;
    • reduced stress associated with driving and parking;
    • reduces noise levels.
  • Reduce corporate transport overheads by minimising business mileage.
  • Improve the University’s environmental performance.
  • Secure planning permission for campus development.

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