This ticket is valid for 12 months and is offered on an all zones basis only at an annual cost of £544.00 which equates to £45.33 deduction per month your salary.

For deadline dates for completed applications please see ESS Travel deadlines.

To apply for a Metrosaver annual ticket please complete the form below and send a jpeg photograph to Helpdesk & Admin, ESS, 1st Floor, Agriculture Building.

For further information please e-mail

Updated Information for 2018 tickets

Metro fares for the year from 2 January 2018 have been agreed by the North East Combined Authority, and these include a rise in the price of our Corporate MetroSaver products.

The Corporate MetroSaver continues to offer excellent value for money, with a year’s unlimited travel on Metro for less than £550 – and the convenience of having the cost split across the year and deducted straight from your salary.

We know, of course, that nobody likes a price rise. Nexus is a public body which does not make a profit from Metro, and we have to balance revenue from fares with the subsidy available from Government needed to meet daily running costs. Our annual Metrosavers have been discounted significantly compared to other tickets, and while this year’s rise is above inflation they continue to offer the cheapest way to travel – not just compared to other Metro tickets but when compared with bus tickets or the cost of petrol and city centre parking.

For detailed information on timetabling etc click onto the Nexus website.