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Drone Ensemble

Experience complex frequencies that weave between slow, meditative sonority and thunderous rhythmic patterns in this unique performance.

Date/Time: 18 August, 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Venue: The Boiler House, King's Road, Newcastle University

Drone Ensemble is an experimental sound group that uses hand-built instruments in extended improvised performances. The instruments draw influence from musical traditions from around the world but are unique in their playability, construction and sound.

Drone Ensemble has a fluid membership and promotes a belief that exciting and cutting-edge sound art is not an exclusive activity but rather is better enjoyed through a sense of community. At various times throughout this performance, the group will be joined by special guests including Rob Blazey, John Bowers/Tim Shaw, Sean Cotterill, Jayne Dent, Ben Jeans-Houghton, and Yilis Suriel among others. 


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