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Lunchtime Concert - Andy Watt and Friends - 19 October 2023

Date/Time: Thursday 19 October 2023, 1.15pm

Venue: King's Hall, Armstrong Building

Andy Watt and Friends

A concert of instrumental music led by Andy Watt, accompanied by three of Newcastle's top musicians.  They will be exploring some of Andy's own compositions plus new versions of old favourites from the world of jazz, blues and folk music.

Andy Watt (electric and acoustic guitar)

Grace Alexandra (keys)

Dan Rogers (bass guitar)

David Lourie (drums)

Free admission

Please note that some Covid safety measures may still be in place for concerts and events in the King's Hall. You will not be expected to wear a face-covering at concerts/events; however, do feel free to wear one if it makes you feel more comfortable, and please be mindful of others’ personal space.  If you show any Covid-19 symptoms, or are testing positive for Covid-19, we ask that you do not attend concerts in the King’s Hall.