Main Period Exams

Main Period Exams


Preparing Exam Papers

Written in-person exams:

Guidance on the preparation and formatting of exam papers: Sample Exam Paper (pdf: 107kB)

All papers must be carefully checked prior to submission.

Exam Paper Checklist (pdf: 99kB)

Take-home exams:

Cover sheet (pdf: 98 kB) and Guidance for staff (pdf: 87 kB) for the preparation of take-home exams.


The exam timetable is generated using the information in MOFS. Please ensure that the assessment information is correct.

Draft and Final Timetable release dates



All exam papers must be submitted via the Exam Paper Portal.

A link to the Exam Paper Portal will be emailed to the Exam Contacts for each School. 

All papers should be carefully checked prior to submission. 



Basic Formatting Check       


1 April Main Deadline Yes, Provided Exams and Awards will print     
7 May Final Deadline Not Provided Exams and Awards will print

Impact of the Industrial Action:

For modules that have been affected by the industrial action, it is acknowledged that the ability to submit exam papers by the main submission deadline (1 April) may not be feasible. In these cases, exam papers should be submitted as soon as possible after the deadline. However, for any modules that have not been impacted by the strike, it is requested that the main deadline is still met where at all possible.

The Exams & Awards Team will endeavour to work with Schools to manage the consequences of potentially receiving larger volumes of papers after the main deadline. As normal, we would like to ask Schools to ensure that full and thorough formatting checks are completed prior to submission, and especially for papers being submitted after the main deadline. To try and assist Schools with late papers, please note that the Exams & Awards Office will print all papers that are submitted up until the final deadline of 7 May (i.e. the reduced service deadline has been removed).

If a late change or update is required to an exam paper that has already been submitted, then please contact the Exams Office to discuss the best course of action.