Main Period Exams

Main Period Exams


Guidance on the preparation and formatting of exam papers: Sample Exam Paper (pdf: 204kb)

All papers must be carefully checked prior to submission.

Exam Paper Checklist (pdf: 199kb)


The exam timetable is generated using the information in MOFS. Please ensure that the assessment information is correct.

Draft and Final Timetable release dates



All exam papers must be submitted via the Exam Paper Portal.

A link to the Exam Paper Portal will be emailed to the Exam Contacts for each School. 

The main deadline for the submission of Semester One exam papers is Friday 6 December 2019. Papers submitted after this deadline will be subject to a reduced service as follows:



Basic Formatting Check by

Exams & Awards  Team?


Present to 6 December 2019

Main Deadline

Yes, Provided

Exams and Awards will print

7 to 20 December 2019

Reduced Service

Not Provided

Exams and Awards will print

2 to 6 January 2020

Final Deadline

Not Provided

School must print