Membership of Senate 2017-18

Ex officio members

The Vice-Chancellor and President - Professor Chris Day

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Professor Julie Sanders

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors

Twenty members elected by and from the academic staff of the University including at least two representatives from each faculty (10 professorial, 10 non-professorial)
Dr Philip Ansell (2019) Dr Helen Jarvis (2020)
Professor Caroline Austin (2019) Professor Peter Jorgensen (2019)
Professor Paul Christensen (2018) Professor Jackie Leach Scully (2019)
Professor Nicola Curtin (2018) Dr Phillip Lord (2020)
Dr Lindsey Ferrie (2018) Dr Nick Megoran (2020)
Dr Emma Foster (2018) Vacancy (2019)
Dr Stacy Gillis (2020) Professor Jane Pollard (2019)
Dr Ruth Graham (2018) Dr Andrew Pike (2020)
Professor Nigel Harkness (2018) Professor Klaus Schoefer (2018)
Dr Joan Harvey (2019) Professor Chris Seal (2019)
One lay member of Council:

Mr Mike Davison (2019)

Student member elected by the Students' Union:

Miss Holly Waddell

Three Students' Union Sabbatical Officers

President - Mr Ronnie Reid

Education Officer - Mr Rowan South

Welfare and Equality Officer - Miss Sarah Craggs

Up to three co-opted members