Research about everyday sexism

An independent research project is encouraging all staff and students to report incidents of everyday sexism, with the aim of uncovering diverse experiences of everyday sexism across the university.

Staff and students are encouraged to report all types of everyday sexism, including those that some may see as being less severe than others (e.g. 'banter,' etc.). By reporting everyday sexism, participants will be informing research rather than submitting a complaint. All reports will be confidential to the research team, and so there will be no repercussions should staff or students decide to report; likewise, when the team reports its findings, it will be done in a way that will protect individuals' confidentiality.

Please note that this is an independent research project and not specifically part of the University's formal equality and diversity work. A short report will be produced upon completion of the research to share with everyone, including those working on equality and diversity issues.

If you experience everyday sexism on campus, please report the incident in one of the following ways:

1) Filling in this short form.

2) By sending a text message to 07496 543730 (it may be useful for you to save this number on your phone so you can send a message shortly after the incident)

3) By sending a prviate message throughTwitter (@hopkinspeter1)

Staff and students should also feel free to use any of these mechanisms to report on incidents that have taken place at the University in the last year or so, and to report incidents that are heard second-hand from colleagues or other students, or that are witnessed happening to others.

When reporting an incident, staff and students should feel free to provide details about the incident, the location of it and any details about the characteristics of the perpetrator. Please note that personal details will remain confidential.

Please also consider sharing your general views and experiences about everyday sexism through this short survey.

published on: 12th January 2018