University Business Diary 2020-21

The Business Diary for Academic Year 2020-21 is now finalised.

The University Business Diary contains important information regarding all aspects of University business including:

  • Committee and Working Group Schedules;
  • Engagement Events (open to and directly engaging with the public, local and national external organisations)
  • Internal Events (mostly involving staff and students)
  • Holidays and Closure Dates
  • Student-related schedules

The University Business Diary can be used for reference (downloading schedules for diaries etc) or for planning purposes (if you are planning a meeting or event you can check for existing events which may clash with the dates you have chosen).

The Business Diary is managed by the Executive Office. Additions and /or changes can be made throughout the year by emailing

View the Business Diary using Outlook

If you are University staff working on campus, you can view the Business Diary via Outlook.

  • In Outlook, click 'Calendar', then 'Open a Shared Calendar' and type 'Business Diary' into the popup box.
  • The calendar should then become available for you to view alongside your own.

If you are working off campus, the process is exactly the same except that you must log on via RAS. Once you are logged in, Outlook can be found within the Outlook 2010 Folder.

Using other Calendaring software to view the Business Diary

If you do not have access to Outlook and a University Staff account, you can open up the calendar using whichever calendar you have installed provided it can read iCalendar files, by clicking on the link below. This will also work on some smartphones and mobile devices.

Business Diary Calendar

If you use Google Calendar or other similar online calendaring services they will allow you to import the calendar. In Google Calendars you do this by going to 'Other Calendars', clicking 'Add' and selecting 'Add by URL'. Paste the below text into the popup box and click 'Add Calendar'