Executive Office Support Staff


Executive Office
Newcastle University
King's Gate
Newcastle upon Tyne

Mrs Jenn Allison

Mrs Jenn Allison
Executive Office Manager
email: jennifer.allison@ncl.ac.uk
telephone: 0191 208 6336



Mrs Yvonne Lee
Executive Assistant to Suzanne Cholerton and Brian Walker
email: yvonne.lee@ncl.ac.uk
telephone: 0191 208 8856


Kay New

Mrs Kay Mason (on maternity leave)




Angela Mulvenna

Mrs Angela Mulvenna
Personal Assistant to Abi Kelly, Jude Browne, Kirsten Edmondson

Normal working days: Monday to Thursday
email: angela.mulvenna@ncl.ac.uk
telephone: 0191 208 8804



Ms Alison Pickard
Executive Officer: Professor Chris Day (Vice-Chancellor and President) and Sir Liam Donaldson (Chancellor)
email: alison.pickard@ncl.ac.uk
telephone: 0191 208 6061


Alice Lang
Miss Alice Lang
Personal Assistant to Richard Davies and Teri Wishart
email: alice.lang@ncl.ac.uk
telephone: 0191 208 5060


Lindsey Lewin

Ms Lindsey Lewin
Personal Assistant to Senior Managers
email: lindsey.lewin@ncl.ac.uk
telephone: 0191 208 3711



Mrs Lizzie Taylor (on maternity leave)




Simon Meacher

Dr Simon Meacher
Executive Officer (Governance) (covering Lizzie Taylor's maternity leave)
email: simon.meacher@ncl.ac.uk
telephone: 0191 208 6071


Sam Taylor
Mrs Sam Taylor
Executive Assistant to Julie Sanders, and Paul Walker
email: sam.taylor1@ncl.ac.uk
telephone: 0191 208 5148

Barbs Wilson

Mrs Barbs Wilson
Executive Assistant to John Hogan and Jenn Allison
email: barbara.wilson@ncl.ac.uk
telephone: 0191 208 6063