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Cuba is My Brand, 15th September

*All welcome, no need to register*

SML and CLACS welcome Fernando León Jacomino, former President of the Instuto Cubano del Libro, key member of the UJC and the AHS, and a leading figure in the Battle of Ideas, Sonia Almaguer, former Director of Editorial de Ciencias Sociales, now a freelance photographer, and Cuban Folk Musician Diego Gutierrez.

Both Jacomino and Sonia have set up a cultural production company, Mala Vista Producciones, and are very active in the Cuban cultural scene.

They will be showing the film "Los dioses rotos" (2008) followed by a conversation about current Cuba with the film as starting point. Sonia Almaguer will also bring her photo exhibition. The event will close with Diego Gutierrez´s music performance. 

Culture as an antidote, at the gates of the world

We live in a world of brands. We all navigate, sometimes without realizing, in an artificial reality that gives more value to the outward signs of power, the relationship between people and things than to the feelings and relationships between human beings.

Even those who like us intend to stand in the borders of this global phenomenon, feel often how our eyes inevitably jump from a logo to another, calling us to choose between our real needs and the impulse, which has already become natural, to obey the ubiquitous tips of commercial advertising.

But we live in Cuba and belong to a society where that global vision of the world is gaining more followers every day, even when the State strives for staying out as much as possible from large markets and their powerful functional infrastructure.

Such conflicting forces have conditioned for several years now our relations at the outskirts of large commercial circuits, but always very aware of them, mainly due to the direct exchange with visitors from around the world and to the new information technologies.

In these particular conditions, the eagerness for consumption of goods and services means for us a double illusion, because the functional incapacity of many aspects of our context adds to the primary illusion produced by the hegemonic centers of global power.

Hence much of the conflict occur outside the actual contact with the cherished goods, that is, in the minds of people, especially in the minds of the younger ones, essential for the survival and development of a political project  legitimated by its vocation of justice and equity but unable, so far, of a materially self-sustaining approach.

Unable as we are, as ordinary citizens, to make big decisions about it, we have discovered in Cuban artistic and literary culture and its spreading in a larger scale, a possible antidote to the homogenizing flow the developed world invites us to.

So we declare followers of this great identity brand called Cuba and willingly attend to every forum we have been summoned to, in order to share with every interested people, the world view of Cuban artists and cultural managers from various generations, resident in the Island.

Los dioses rotos (2008) trailer

published on: 12 September 2016