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'Holocaust memorialisation and the archival turn' Dora Osborne,19th May

Dora Osbourne from Durham University will be joining us in May as part of the School Research Seminar Series. 

In his 2013 article, “From Countermonument to Combimemorial: Developments in German Memorialisation,” Bill Niven describes a shift to a “third generation of post-war memorials,” memorial projects that integrate “archival and exhibition elements.”

These “combimemorials,” Niven explains, are often collaborative, encouraging the public to participate in the work of commemoration, and make such projects relevant to contemporary life by integrating new media and digital technology.

But what are the further implications of this turn to the archive in memorial projects, and how does it relate to an “archival turn” in German memory culture more broadly?

This paper considers these questions using examples such as Gunter Demnig’s Stolpersteine, Horst Hoheisel and Andreas Knitz’s Zermahlene Geschichte and Ruth Beckermann’s The Missing Imaged




published on: 19 May 2016