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Tribalism Is Killing Us

RCF funding summary on Tribalism is Killing Us

It has been a productive few months at Bridge + Tunnel. The fund granted to us by RCF allowed us to provide financial support for the Newcastle students that are at work on our current project: Tribalism is Killing Us. This is a feature length documentary that conducts an analysis of the experience of othering including the political structures, historical events and sociobiological mechanisms that surround that experience. The manufacturing heart of this project is driven by these students. Production therefore has not only provided inexperienced students with an enhanced view of film production but has also allowed an entirely unique set of experiences to collate in order to produce an exceptional social platform. Students have contributed: many have acted as edit assistants, involved in the research and creation of our film’s various parts. Students working in this role not only helped us advance the production of our film but also helped us to add new perspectives on what is a constantly developing global narrative. Aside from this, Students also aided production in indirect ways. Students assisted in the creation of our marketing strategy. This included the management of our various social media pages, including our Instagram and Facebook pages; as well as the long term marketing plan which will be implemented upon the film’s final production and release. We cannot express enough how valuable students have been to this project. Funding by the RCF allowed us to recognise this contribution. The Company hopes to continue to provide an environment that inspires creation and innovation in the bright young minds of Newcastle’s film community.

published on: 3 January 2019