Research Centre for Film

Our People

Our People

Our researchers are exploring diverse areas of film and media production, history, theory and culture with a global span.

Research Centre Steering Group

The Steering Group is responsible for overseeing and directing the Centre's activities. 

Staff involved in Film Research

In addition to the Steering Group other members of the Centre are drawn from across the University and have research interests that involve film: 
Anne Carruthers
Amy Chambers
Sarah Leahy
Teresa Ludden
Phillipa Page
Simon Rushton
Andrew Shail
Shiro Yoshioko
Sabrina Yu

PhD students

PhD and Masters students conducting research within the Centre include Arene Al-Shara, Jez Coram, Michael Cribb, Elisabetta Fabrizi, Luis Fallas Fallas , Louis Francis , Ang Gao ,  Evripidis Karydis, Yang Li , Tijuana Mamula, Lauren Neat, Michael Pattison, Lewis Pringle, Katie Salmon,  Cecilia Stenbom , Rachel Way