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Evripidis Karydis

After finishing my MA in Sport and Media at Brighton, I wanted to explore the documentary genre. 

I am fascinated by the way filmmakers research sociology and politics through sport-themed documentaries. 

Football fan activism

My project is a practice-based PhD and explores football fan activism. 

Sport and fan activism alongside football fan culture and subculture are interesting topics. 

Recent recession-based political/societal changes in Greece provide an ideal framework for this project. 

They contribute to the understanding of fan culture and discussions of social movement learning. 

FC St Pauli

My film will research how FC St Pauli's fan club in Greece use football for expression against repression. 

FC St Pauli is a well-known German football team but not because of its success on the pitch. 

This team is so distinctive due to the sociopolitical views its fans have projected since the mid-1980s.

This has included expressing ideas of: 

  • anti–fascism
  • anti–racism
  • anti–homophobia