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Admissions Complaints and Appeals Procedure – 2 Sept 2016

Admissions Complaints and Appeals Procedure


A Introduction

B General Provisions applicable to both complaints and appeals

C Complaints Procedure

D Appeals Procedure

E Application for review of the outcome of complaints and appeals

A Introduction


Part C of the procedure described below shall be followed in cases where an undergraduate or

postgraduate applicant to the University wishes to complain about the administration of the

University’s admissions policies and procedures. It shall not be used where a complaint relates to the

service or procedures of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), in which case

UCAS’ own complaints procedure should be followed.

The policies and procedures of relevance are



Admissions Policy

MBBS Admissions Policy (for admissions to the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of

Surgery (MBBS) degrees)

School of Dental Sciences Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy for Applicants with Disabilities

English Language Policy

Policy and Procedures for admitting Students Under 18

General Entrance Requirements (contained in the Undergraduate Progress Regulations)

Postgraduate Entrance and Admissions Requirements (contained in the University’s

Postgraduate Taught Progress Regulations; Regulations for Research Masters Degree

Programmes (excluding MPhil programmes); and Master of Philosophy Progress Regulations;

and Doctor of Philosophy Progress Regulations)

Criminal Convictions Policy and Procedure for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Admissions

Procedure for Dealing with UCAS Applications Identified through UCAS’ Similarity

Detection Service.


Part D of the procedure shall be used in cases where an undergraduate or postgraduate applicant

wishes to appeal against the decision of an undergraduate or postgraduate admissions selector.


If you wish to obtain any of the policies and procedures listed, please telephone 0191 208 3333 or enquire online at