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Newcastle University Postgraduate Applicant Deposit Refund Policy

The programmes and applicants to which postgraduate application deposits apply are listed in

Appendix 1.

Applicants are informed that it is a non-refundable deposit which will be deducted from their

tuition fees at registration. A refund will only be authorised in the following circumstances:

a. Within the 14 day cooling-off period

If a refund is requested within 14 days of the payment being received by the University.

b. The applicant does not meet the conditions of their offer

If the applicant does not meet the academic conditions of their offer and receives a reject

decision from the University. The applicant must provide a transcript of English language

certificate demonstrating that they have made a genuine attempt to meet the conditions

of their offer after the conditional offer was made.

c. The applicant’s visa is refused

Where the visa application has been refused or rejected by UKVI for any reason other

than for a fraudulent application. A copy of the visa refusal notice must be provided.

d. The applicant’s ATAS clearance is refused

Where an applicant’s ATAS clearance was refused or rejected. A copy of the ATAS

refusal notice must be provided.

e. The University cancels the programme

If the University informs the applicant that the Postgraduate programme is not running

that academic year.

f. Deferred Entry

Where an applicant defers their offer after they have paid their deposit, the University will

hold their deposit for the next year of entry. If the applicant wishes to defer for a further

year, the deposit is forfeited.

g. Exceptional circumstances

Where exceptional circumstances prevent the applicant from commencing their studies

e.g. serious illness, the University may exercise discretion to authorise a refund.

Documentary evidence must be provided.

Where a refund is authorised the applicants offer and any CAS issued will be withdrawn and the

UKVI notified accordingly.

Applying for a refund

All refund requests must be submitted to


by 31


October of the year of

entry providing documentary evidence where required. Refund requests received after this date

may be considered at the University’s discretion.

We will commence investigating all refund requests from the 1st November following the

programme start date with a view to refunding the payment by 6th January. Refunds will be

returned via the same method and to the same person or third party as the original payment


C McLean

Postgraduate Admissions Service

13 April 2016