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Policy and Procedures for Admitting Students Under 18

1. Policy

Newcastle University welcomes applications from people of all ages. No applicant shall be refused

admission on grounds of age.

Whilst responsibility for a student’s personal supervision and welfare continues to rest with the parent

or guardian, the University recognises its special duty of care towards students who are legally still

children. It has established procedures for dealing with applications from people who as students will

be under 18. Principles, institutional responsibilities and procedures relating to the protection of under

18s and vulnerable adult students are set out in the University’s

Policy for the Safeguarding of Under 18s and Vulnerable Adults


The Procedures that follow here are concerned with the admissions

process and preparation for the admission of such students.

A separate ‘

Under 18 Students in Residence Policy’

is available for students who are under 18 and live

in University owned or managed accommodation.

Separate provisions apply for applicants to INTO Newcastle University and to pathway programmes at

Newcastle University London.

2. Procedure for Applicants with Parent(s)


in the United Kingdom

2.1 When applications for undergraduate degrees are received, any applicants who will still be under

18 when they begin their first year of study shall be identified.

2.2 In the case of any such identified applicants to whom admissions tutors wish to make an offer, a

letter shall be sent by the Admissions Office


to let the applicant know that, if he/she accepts

Newcastle’s offer, certain formalities will need to be completed before the start of the degree


2.3 In addition, action shall be taken as follows, depending on whether applicants will be aged

between 16 and 17 on entry or whether they will be under 16.


If they will be 16 or 17:


All references to ‘parent(s)’ in this document are intended also to cover legal guardians and any other person or body

having parental responsibility.


‘Admissions Office’ is used in this document to refer to the central Admissions Office, the offices in the Faculty of

Medical Sciences that deal with undergraduate applications to that Faculty, and INTO University Partnerships staff who

process applications for Newcastle University London.