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The following policy applies to any taught modules and taught units in non-modular programmes, including

taught modules and units in postgraduate research programmes, subject to the limitations outlined below.

All students on these programmes are eligible for RPL and credit transfer, including those students enrolled

through partnership programmes and on branch campuses. Any exemptions to the policy must be approved

by the relevant Undergraduate or Postgraduate Dean.


Erasmus agreements and direct entry agreements managed by the International Office, and individual

applications for direct entry managed through Admissions, are not within the scope of this policy, although

brief reference is made to these arrangements in the Notes.


Non-modular professional degree programmes such as medicine and dentistry are responsible for

graduating students who meet the standards of their regulatory bodies i.e. General Medical Council and

General Dental Council. Therefore, it is not possible for these programmes to recognise prior learning or

credit transfer from another programme of study. Most non-modular programmes require students to study

the whole programme and it is unlikely that prior learning or credit transfer would be granted for any of the

components of these programmes. However, in circumstances where prior learning or credit transfer may

be considered, the minimum level of assessment will be determined by the relevant Degree Programme

Director or delegated member of the programme team.



This policy distinguishes between credit transfer and recognition of prior learning (RPL), defined as follows:


Credit Transfer: where the credits or qualification(s) have been awarded by a UK higher education degree-

awarding body in accordance with the relevant higher education qualifications framework and QCF. Credit

transfer may be internal (i.e. from one Newcastle programme to another) or external, but marks are only

retained for internal credit transfer.


Recognition of prior experiential learning: an assessment process whereby an academic unit recognises a

student’s learning gained through experience


Recognition of prior certificated learning: an assessment process whereby an academic unit recognises prior

learning that is at higher education level but that has not led to the award of credits or qualifications

positioned on the UK higher education qualifications framework


Normally, a student’s prior learning will be handled either as credit transfer or as RPL; however, there may

be instances when academic units need to consider both (i.e. a student who has a combination of UK credit

and experiential knowledge).


Decisions to grant credit transfer and RPL under this policy are academic decisions, based on individual

students’ applications and academic judgement about whether or not the prior learning maps appropriately

onto stated learning outcomes for modules at the University.


For both credit transfer and RPL, the minimum level of assessment is a module. Students cannot apply for

credit for or exemption from part of a module.


Academic judgements about prior learning must take ‘currency’ into account – i.e. the lapse of time since

the prior learning took place and/or was credited. Prior learning will only be eligible for credit for or

University Policy on Credit Transfer

and the Recognition of Prior