Post-Submission Scholarship Scheme

The Post-Submission Scholarship Scheme is now closed to applications for funding for all Scholarships for academic year 2020/21.
There will be a call for applications in July for Students who will be submitting their thesis from 1st September 2021 onwards.

The Post Submission Scholarship Scheme offers talented research students the chance of financial support after the submission of their thesis or final dissertation.

Up to three months of additional stipend is available for the strongest applications.

The Scholarships can be awarded in one of three categories:

Intern Scholarships

cogsStudents who are interested in broadening their horizons and looking at how they can use the skills and knowledge developed in academic research can apply for support to engage with an internship position. The student will need source the internship and to have the agreement of the host organisation prior to applying. Where possible the host organisation will also be prepared to make some contribution to the costs of hosting the internship.

Enterprise Scholarships

light bulbEither directly or indirectly research projects often provide many ideas that can benefit society and may have commercial potential, an enterprise scholarship will allow research students time to make the initial investigations into impactful or commerical outputs that can be derived from their projects. Students will need to work with the Faculty Research and Enterprise Services team or the Careers Service Rise-Up team to fulfil the aims of this award.

Academic Development Scholarships

writingFollowing thesis submission key findings of the research may need to be reformatted for publication. The academic development scholarship is available for students who may be able to produce career defining papers from their results. Funding solely covers a research students' living expenses so their supervisors' support with the appropriate facilities is essential.

Application Procedure

  • The Supervisory teams' approval is essential prior to applying.
  • Applications must be made at least one month prior to thesis submission or final dissertation hand in.
  • Funding is only available for a small number of Scholarships and competition for scholarships is likely to be significant.
  • Awards maybe made on a monthly basis with a requirement for progress reporting.
  • Awards will only be made on timely thesis submission.
  • Funding for this scheme has been provided through the Wellcome Trust and HEFCE Higher Education Innovation Funding.

Further enquiries please contact Dr Richy Hetherington