Progress Review process

The Progression Review Process for all Postgraduate Research Students

University regulations require that each research student should have a progress review every year until thesis submission.

You will receive an e-mail 2 months before each of your progress reviews. It is your responsibility to produce an appropriate report and arrange the review meeting with your panel members.

Details of the review process and requirements for each annual report are set out clearly in the Graduate School Handbook. You will see that the format changes as you progress through your studies.

In March, the Skills Development Programme provides a specific lecture describing the review process and the preparation of your 1st year report. The slides from that session can be seen here.


Advice for preparation of progression reviews by MRes-PhD students.

The purpose of your 1st year review is to discuss progress you have made since your MRes project. Although you may still be working in the same general area as your MRes research, it is important to detail new areas of research activity in your report.

If any significant sections of text are repeated from your MRes thesis, these should be highlighted in such a way that the panel can focus exclusively on your current study. Brief sections of this highlighted text may typically appear in your introduction and methodology sections. However, the results and discussion sections of your report should be entirely new. Highlighted text will be excluded from any analysis of autoplagiarism.

Please remember that it is not permissible in your final PhD thesis to present for re-examination any significant sections of text or data that have been previously examined in your MRes thesis. It is, of course, entirely acceptable for text and data included in your PhD progress review reports to appear again in your PhD thesis.