Research Ethics

Ethical approval is required for any research involving the study of human subjects. Where the study involves a clinical setting or material derived from a clinical setting (e.g. tissue, blood or other bodily fluids, patient records, intervention procedures etc.) ethical approval or advice must be sought through the systems operated by the National Research Ethics Service (NRES). NRES process is outlined on the National Research Ethics Service website.

Other studies involving human subjects must receive ethical approval from the University in accordance with its procedures outlined on the Newcastle University Research Ethics page.

The completed application form should be submitted to the Faculty of Medical Sciences FRSG Office, third floor, Leech Building or e-mailed to

The ethical review process operates to safeguard the researcher, the participants and the University. Once submitted the application will be reviewed by one or more (usually two) members of the Committee. Their comments and concerns, if any, will be returned to the applicant for consideration and response. Provided that there are no remaining ethical issues formal approval will be given and communicated to the applicant. This process usually takes between 2 and 4 weeks. The membership of the Faculty of Medical Sciences Ethics Committee is drawn from a wide range of expertise across the Faculty. The Committee is Chaired by the Dean of Research. For those following postgraduate and undergraduate taught programmes, please seek advice from your supervisor or tutor in the first instance.


Ms Lois Neal, Assistant Registrar, Medical Sciences Faculty Office
Tel: 0191 222 5380