BBSRC PIPS Internship for Frontier Bioscience and Comms

Within BBSRC’s Science Strategy Group, and Communication and Engagement Team, there is an exciting opportunity for a Professional Internship for a PhD Students (PIPS) placement to work on ‘frontier bioscience’ communications. This interesting and challenging internship will provide an intern with insight into strategy development by the UK's leading bioscience research funder, knowledge of BBSRC’s world-class research portfolio, and experience of science communication with the research community.

Background to frontier bioscience

Frontier bioscience is pioneering, innovative and creative research that can lead to far-reaching discoveries. The support for this area is central to BBSRC's mission to advance knowledge and technology. Our frontier bioscience theme gives high priority to world-class discovery research, recognising it as essential to ensuring the UK remains a global leader in bioscience research and that we deliver 'bioscience for the future'.

BBSRC encourages researchers to ask fundamental biological questions that haven’t been solved and to work creatively towards solutions. By inspiring the brightest minds, supporting teams, enabling far reaching collaborations and funding curiosity driven science, bioscience can generate knowledge that in turn can lead to game-changing solutions and technologies. Genomics, epigenetics, gene editing, cell biology, and quantum biology are all such examples.

Role of the PIPS intern

There is an opportunity for a PIPs intern to highlight examples of frontier bioscience from our wide research portfolio and then to translate them into effective digital (and print) content for communications. The role will be shared between our Science Strategy Group and Communications and Engagement Team, providing a unique opportunity to learn about the work of both teams. The PIPs intern will explore BBSRC’s research grants portfolio and research outcomes impact around key frontier themes and assist in the development of related digital and print content, using a range of media from print (BBSRC Business magazine) to video and Twitter graphics, as well as writing and editing everything from short case studies to features and blog posts.

Frontier bioscience communications

BBSRC recognises the importance of communicating the excellent frontiers bioscience it supports with the research community to encourage and foster the submission of frontier bioscience through available funding opportunities. Following on from a campaign in this area focussed on the general public, BBSRC wishes to develop a forward communication strategy that engages with the research community increasing dialogue with our stakeholders, encouraging submission of cutting-edge research, and feeding stakeholder views into forward strategy development.

If you would like to apply for this PIPS placement, then please complete the application form and return it to by 17 February 2017. Interviews to be held on, or around, 22 March 2017. You should be available to start your placement in April / May 2017. Questions on this placement can be directed to Dr Stephanie Williams-Blackwell ( or Mr Arran Frood (

published on: 17th January 2017