Professional Internship: Learning from Good Practice in Impact (EwI)

BBSRC Innovation and Skills Group is looking for a PIPS intern to conduct an analysis of the recent Excellent with Impact programme

BBSRC Innovation and Skills Group is looking for a PIPS intern to conduct an analysis of the recent Excellent with Impact programme with the aim of producing internal and external guidance to inform Good Practice for managing and achieving Impact from investments in Research. This might also lead to a potential high level paper, as well as the opportunity to enhance a range of professional skills.

Role of the PIPS intern

Based in BBSRC’s Swindon office, the project will require the design and iteration of an appropriate methodology, literature review and contextualisation, analysis of existing evidence and information (potentially using text mining software), as well as collaborative writing of the proposed guidance documents. The intern will work independently within the team, and will get the chance to interact with people across the BBSRC office as well as external stakeholders who took part in the programme.

The applicant should have an interest in the delivery of impact from bioscience research, the development and application of data analysis methodology, and the writing of policy and/or guidance documentation. The benefits to the PIPS intern will include an increased knowledge of impact activities carried out by researchers and research organisations, the development of an understanding of how impact might be measured, experience of how a major bioscience funding body operates, exploring alternative scientific career options, and development of networking and communication skills.

Background to the project

At the conclusion of EwI, BBSRC is keen to build on the data and resources invested in the programme in order to identify good practice in achieving and managing impact. We intend to produce a good practice guide for institutional impact, as well as other internal and external publications. Leveraging the unique experience of the competition, BBSRC hopes to disseminate emergent good practice for the benefit of organisations across the UK and internationally, including ROs, partner organisations, and others.

Background to Excellence with Impact

The Excellence with Impact (EwI) competition recognised institutions that developed and successfully delivered a vision for maximising impact, alongside a relevant institution-wide culture change. There were 30 participating Research Organisations (‘Participants’) who engaged with the competition for three years. Throughout the competition Participants submitted various documents, hosted visits from BBSRC staff and Assessors, and participated in assessment interviews.

EwI formed part of the Fostering Innovation suite of competitions. These competitions recognise the commitment by BBSRC-supported researchers to facilitate and deliver economic and/or social impact from their research, and the efforts of knowledge exchange practitioners, research organisations, and BBSRC strategically-funded institutes in supporting and encouraging this process. The Fostering Innovation competitions aim to promote excellence amongst researchers, knowledge exchange practitioners, departments, and institutions by recognising successful approaches to innovation and impact in the biosciences.

Questions on Excellence with Impact and on this placement can be directed to James Sundquist:

published on: 1st November 2016