Intern Scholarship Scheme

The Intern Scholarship Scheme aims to provide research students (PhD, MD, MPhil) with the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their skills by working in an area unrelated to their research. The scheme offers students the option to arrange an intern position with any organisation and to receive a stipend whilst taking part in that intern position. Scholarships can be applied for at any point but will only be awarded on the submission of the student's thesis. Awards are offered on a competitive basis, students are encouraged to contact the Graduate School before applying or arranging intern positions.

Introduction Presentation

The current funding for this pilot scheme has now been allocated

Applications requiring minimal funding may still be considered at this stage Intern Scholarship Application

Previous Awards

Graciela Rocha - SOHO Flordis International, New South Wales, Australia

Working on the commercial development of phytopharmaceuticals

Claire Savy - Imperial College, London

working with the Imperial College Graduate School investigate Doctoral student well being

Andrew Baron - Roche, Welwyn Garden City

working on clinical trials planning

Please contact Dr Richy Hetherington (Postgraduate Development) for further details

MRes/PhD internship scheme

An internship scheme for MRes students was piloted this year. The scheme allowed MRes students the option of an internship to take place over five weeks during the summer. For those starting a PhD this was offered as an alternative to an early start on their PhD project.

Students who took part in the pilot, where they did their internship and some of their comments

Emma Burville (NHS)

Fiona Malcomson (Demuris)

"I am very glad I took the opportunity to do this internship"

Jodie Birch (NHS)

"Seeing the clinical side of science was a good experience"

Nicola Simcock (Demuris)

"I learnt a lot of things that could be CV beneficial"

Christopher Lamb (Genentec)

"Working in industry was fantastic, highly stimulating and I learned loads including valuable protocols for my PhD"