Travel Grant for PhD Students - Currently Suspended

Students registered for a PhD, MD or MPhil are eligible to apply to the Faculty for a travel grant to support, for example, attendance of a conference or a laboratory visit.

Students are eligible to apply at any stage but each student will only be awarded funding once during the course of their studies (Students should discuss when to apply with their supervisors). A normal maximum of £800 will apply, though in exceptional circumstances up to £1000 is available. Applications will be judged on a competitive basis. Factors such as student progress, contribution to the meeting (e.g. poster or oral presentation),attempts to secure alternative competitive funding, training records and quality of the application will all be considered.

Though oversubscribed the funds will be used to support as many researchers to travel as possible. Researchers who make applications for external funding, through Learned Societies or industrial sponsorship will be prioritised in recognition of their efforts. If some support is available internally this will be viewed favourably, recognisng that the researcher is not entirely relient on the travel grant.

Travel Grants will be awarded preferentially to research students who have demonstrated a professional attitude to trainnig and development, the normal expectation is students will have attended at least 70% of the Research Student Development Programme sessions they have booked.

Please apply using this electronic form ***Research Student Travel Grant Form***

Applications will be considered on a monthly basis and should be returned to the Graduate School Office by the first day of each month. A monthly limit will be applied and some applications may be carried forward to the following month applying early is encouraged.

Following notification of an award, the Fund will provide money up to a stated amount and only after expenditure. It is important that all receipts are collected in order that a claim can be processed.

Please ensure that all costings are provided in pounds sterling.

Successful applicants will be required to provide a brief report (~500 words) on the outcomes of their award.

Recent Travel Grant Reports can be found here

N.B. Only Research Staff that are studying for a higher degree are eligible to apply to the Graduate School for travel fund and can apply with the form above.

The cost of cancelled trips will not be covered by the travel fund and journeys should be covered by adequate insurance. Any visa issues would not be covered by standard insurance so you may wish to cover against the risk of not receiving the appropriate visa with . Insurance costs can be included in an application and may be covered.