Early Careers Mentoring Network for Postgraduate and Post-Doctoral Researchers

Welcome to the Early Careers Mentoring Network, run by the Faculty of Medical Sciences for all members of the Newcastle University community.

The Early Careers Mentoring Network provides the opportunity for early-career researchers (PhD students and post-docs) to discuss career issues with people who may have relevant experience. Mentors are not there to solve your problems, but they can help you work through issues, give examples of similar cases (possibly their own) and give some advice. All interactions with mentors are of course confidential.

The Network does not imply any expectation of long-term relationships between the mentor and the mentee. It is perfectly possible to have a single meeting with one of our mentors to get a third-party perspective on a career issue you are struggling with. If you want to have more meetings with the same person in the future, this is between you and them to arrange. If you want to meet with more than one mentor, this is perfectly fine as well.

Early Career Mentoring Database

Please click here to access the database where you can login with your University username and password to search for mentors across the different Institutes. You can use the different search fields and free text box to narrow down your search for a mentor

Contacting a Mentor

When you have selected someone you would like to talk to, please start by sending them an e-mail message. This message should have something about mentoring in the subject line, and should clearly state what you would like to discuss with this person. They will then reply to you with suggested times for a meeting. They may also request that you send them more information ahead of the meeting, allowing them to prepare. This will depend on the mentor and the exact topic you want to discuss.

Further Information

A Guidelines for Mentors is available.

If you have any questions about the Early Careers Mentoring Network, please contact Tom Smulders ( in the first instance.

NOTE: The mentors in the database do not represent a prescriptive list. Should you wish to contact someone not listed in the database and you feel comfortable approaching them, please feel free to do so.


Career Pathways Scheme (Non-Clinical)

The Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS) aims to support the career development and planning for all its Early Career Researchers (ECRs). The Career Pathways Scheme supports active career management, continuity of employment, and knowledge exchange. The Faculty expects that all ECRs will engage with the Scheme in order to increase their awareness of the various career options available to them and the support available from the Faculty. This should then lead to a personal career plan for each researcher.

As part of our support for career development, we are committedto supporting those ECRs who wish to become the research leaders of the future. A key objective of FMS is to build a strong base of the highest calibre ECRs by increasing the numbers of externally-funded fellowships within FMS. This will be achieved by ensuring that the best possible external fellowship applications are submitted and by providing a number of 5 year fixed-term fellowships for more experienced researchers.

Career Support ECR to Independence document outlines the support available to ECRs and Fellows through the Career Pathways Scheme and the recently launched Newcastle University Research Fellowship Scheme. The document also outlines the Faculty’s position on the appointment of ECRs to Independent Researcher posts (5 year fixed term fellowships) and outlines the process and expectations for those who wish to attain these.