Research Support

A major strength of the Faculty of Medical Sciences is that biomolecular and biomedical research is fully integrated with the clinical disciplines. In addition to areas of research strength in physiology, biochemistry and genetics, microbiology and immunology, there are interdepartmental research themes including ageing, cancer research, neuroscience, and cellular and molecular medicine.

In additon, there is extensive interaction between the National Health Service (Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust) and the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Central Scientific Facilities

Over the past few years, we have invested heavily in a range of facilities to support and enhance our own research. Specialist support ranges from large facilities such as Electron and confocal microscopy and flow cytometry to access to techniques such as bio-informatics and proteomic analysis. Our Clinical Research Platforms combine state-of-the-art facilities with staff experienced in all phases of clinical research. The information provided for some facilities is directed toward their commercial use but these facilities are primarily for research purposes.

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