FMS Graduate Training Suite

Location & Facilities

Workshop in Graduate Training SuiteThe Graduate Training Suite (MG207) is on the ground floor of the Cookson Building. From the main entrance to the Medical School, turn left and it's first on the right, clearly signed. There is a lounge/kitchen area, which leads on to the main training room, which has:

  • 7 cluster PCs
  • A projector and screen
  • Whiteboards and flipchart stand
  • Flexible conference seating and tables
  • 3 individual study rooms

Training Room

Working in the Training SuiteFMS postgraduate students can use this area at any time except when we have scheduled training and development sessions. Check the calendar in the kitchen to see when the room is free and please be prepared to vacate the room a few minutes before workshops are scheduled to start.


There is café-style seating in the lounge/kitchen area. The kitchen is mainly for use when we have catering for training and events but students are welcome to use the wall-mounted water boiler to make hot drinks. Please take your mugs and things away with you when you leave. Any food, jars of coffee, etc. left unattended in the kitchen will be disposed of. Please keep this area clean and tidy!

Private Study Rooms

There are three study rooms with PCs which you can book for up to three weeks at a time. Please note that if a room appears to be vacant and you decide to occupy it without checking, someone who has booked it may come along and ask you to leave. To book one of the rooms:

  1. Email indicating which room you wish to book and when. The study rooms available are:
    • MED.MG.207B Study Room 1
    • MED.MG.207A Study Room 2
    • MED.MG.207C Study Room 3
  2. If you are booking a room for a long period and want to lock it overnight, keys are available for Room 1 (207B) and Room 2 (207A). There is no key for Room 3 (207C). You can collect a key from the Graduate School Reception, 3rd Floor, Ridley 1. You will need to sign for the key and it will be your responsibility during the duration of your booking.
  3. When you vacate the room at the end of your booking period, please remove all of your belongings and any rubbish. Leave the room UNLOCKED and return the key to the Graduate School Reception.

Guide for Trainers and Presenters

Instructions for setting up the projector and screen in the room can be downloaded here.