Gear Software


In the early 1990’s Design Unit developed their successful ‘Gear Analysis Suite’ software for gear geometry specification and gear rating and stress analysis to ISO 6336: 1996.
Acknowledging there are limitations with the ISO method, Design Unit with the support of MOD (Navy), developed a 2 stage gear optimisation procedure for spur and helical gears. The 1st stage is a 3D FEA model to accurately calculate tooth stiffness and the 2nd stage tooth contact analysis (TCA) procedure to calculate Transmission Error (TE), which causes dynamic tooth loads and noise and contact stress and bending stress. This software was called DUGATES (Design Unit Gear Analysis and Transmission Error Software).

The key to its success is that once the FEA was run, it is relatively quick to run the TCA. The TCA accurately accounts for geometry errors, micro geometry corrections (tip and root relief, helix crowning etc). The software has been used extensively and successfully by Design Unit for optimising gears for minimum noise and maximum power density in applications including marine propulsion drives (submarines and surface vessels), automotive applications, high speed compressor drives, industrial drives and designing test gears for our gear research programmes. The extensive programme of validation undertaken by Design Unit is still being continued today.

Dontyne Systems LimitedIn 2007 Design Unit took the strategic decision to stop software development and work with software partners Dontyne Systems Ltd for future software development.Dontyne Systems Ltd had developed software for ISO 6336, geometry and rating, and integrated DUGATES, renaming it GATES in the process. Improvements were made to the calculation speed and the analysis for rapid design and product development. The integration was also beneficial in the compatibility with tooling catalogues, planetary gear design and manufacturing modules for both machine simulation and inspection measurement available in Dontyne's Gear Production Suite.

Design Unit have continued to support Dontyne Systems Ltd with validation test work and support to extend the capabilities of the GATES FEA and TCA software.