Marine Gearing Research Rig


View of the Marine Gearing Research RigThe Marine Gearing Research Rig (MGRR) was designed and built at the Design Unit, with MOD(N) funding, to investigate noise excitation of marine sized gears at tooth contact frequency and associated harmonics. The rig consists of a test box and a slave box in back to back configuration.

The specifications are:

  • Centre Distance:  400mm
  • Speed: 0 to 5500rpm
  • Gear Ratio:  3:1
  • Max. Torque: 15000Nm
  • Facewidth:  200mm
  • Max. Power:  8000kW
  • Drive Motor: 200kW
  • Bearings: Lemon bore hydrodynamic (slave box), Tilting pad hydrodynamic (test box).