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Improving wastewater and sanitation globally to st

Improving Wastewater and Sanitation Globally to Stop Antibiotic Resistance

  • Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Partnered with: Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • Region: Asia

The spread of multi-antibiotic resistant bacteria is a major global challenge for the water industry and public health. Wastewater treatment systems are places where bacteria evolve rapidly, influencing multi-resistance to antibiotic medicines.

How we are meeting this challenge

  • Our research aims to reduce the spread of multi-antibiotic resistance genes in wastewater, by rethinking the design of waste treatment plants.
  • We're quantifying the prevalence of multi-resistant bacteria in wastewater treatment plants and will explain the genetic basis of their resistance.
  • This will enable new treatment technologies to be developed to reduce levels of multi-antibiotic resistance in treated wastes.

Who will benefit

Our work has the potential to improve and save the lives of millions of people in the developed and developing world, through discovering the genetic basis of bacterial resistance to antibiotic medicines.

Project team

  • Professor David Graham, Newcastle University
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Let's work together

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