Children's Services

The Great North Children’s Hospital at the RVI, fully opened in November 2010, brings together children’s services from the Freeman Hospital and the Newcastle General Hospital. The majority of the region’s paediatric specialties will be together under one roof, including our local general paediatric services.

This development sees the fulfilment of a long-standing ambition in Newcastle and the North East region. The landmark Great North Children’s Hospital, in its copper clad, circular building at the Royal Victoria Infirmary will offer an unparalleled breadth of services encompassing local, regional and tertiary paediatric services - providing more services than any other hospital outside of London.

Over 1,000 staff dedicated to children’s services will work together in an environment specially designed to meet the needs of modern medicine. The Great North Children’s Hospital will provide welcoming surroundings appropriate for children, teenagers, their families, carers and staff.

Having services for children centralised at The Great North Children’s Hospital enables increased opportunity for sharing knowledge and skills, rapid referral between clinicians and greater networking between specialist and general care teams - all of which provides an excellent learning environment leading to better clinical outcomes.

Services and Facilities

  • Spacious and airy environment for our inpatients - there are 246 beds - 75% of which are single rooms with en-suite facilities.
  • The purpose built Teenage Cancer Unit with its 'Penthouse'.
  • One large centralised Children’s Outpatient Department.
  • Five dedicated paediatric theatre suites - two of these are state of the art laparoscopic theatres - all allowing children to benefit from modern techniques thereby aiding recovery, as well as reducing the length of stay.
  • Broad range of staff including medical, nursing, hospital play specialists and nursery nurses, dieticians, pharmacists, occupational health and physiotherapy staff.
  • First class facilities to allow parents to stay overnight.
  • An 'Amazing Interactives' 3D system. The Burns and Plastic Surgery unit is the first to benefit from this system which aids distraction therapy (and gives fun) to children.
  • MediCinema - a new 50 seat cinema is sited within the RVI that will benefit children - blockbuster movies can be viewed with nursing staff in attendance.
  • The Bridges School will have new accommodation within the Great North Children’s Hospital including a classroom to support education of children within the hospital environment.
  • Our CANI Nursing Team - this Community Acute Nursing Initiative is an outreach team which helps support early discharge in children by offering nursing care and support in the local community.

Information for patients about Children's Services can be found on the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust website.