The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology

Research Councils


Eligibility for research council awards differs for UK, EU and international students.

Students should clarify the criteria before proceeding with an application. 

The research councils that are most relevant to this School are:

There are also instances of interdisciplinary research studentships from more than one research council. Allocation of all these studentships are competitive.

Other research council studentships

At times, the School offers additional research council studentships, sometimes associated with particular projects or in collaboration with non-academic partners (ESRC-collaborative studentships).

These may be linked to the AHRC, ESRC or the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). Collaborative awards that are available will be advertised in the press and on this website.

The ESRC also occasionally offers collaborative studentships linked to a government department (such as the Department for Transport or the Scottish Government).

Information about these awards will be posted in the ESRC's website and available awards will be advertised here and in the press in the early summer.

Newcastle University research institutes may also advertise specific bursaries and scholarship funding opportunities.

AHRC Northern Bridge

This Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) competition offers postgraduate funding for certain areas of GPS research.

Funding is available for some areas of:

  • political and social philosophy
  • cultural/historical geography
  • political history
  • area studies

Contacts in the School


We enjoy continuing high levels of ESRC funding success through four pathways within the school: Human Geography, Sociology and Children, Youth & Families and Conflict, Security & Justice.

The ESRC NINE DTP competition for entry 2021 is now open.


The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology is a partner of the IAPETUS North East and Scotland multi-disciplinary Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP).

This is funded and accredited by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

IAPETUS postgraduate studentships are tenable for between three and four years, depending on the doctoral research project the student is studying.

They provide the following package of financial support:

  • a tax-free maintenance grant set at the UK Research Council’s national rate, which is £15,285 in 2020/21
  • full payment of their tuition fees at the Home rate
  • access to extensive research support funding
  • support for an external placement of up to six months

Part-time award-holders are funded for seven years and receive a maintenance grant at 50% of the full-time rate.


The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology is a partner of the ONE Planet cohort-based Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) across both Newcastle and Northumbria Universities.

This is funded and accredited by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

The internationally-recognised research excellence spans the NERC science remit, including:

  • Climate and Climate Change
  • Earth System Processes
  • Anthropocene
  • Environmental Informatics

Each of our studentship awards includes 3.5 years of fees (Home/EU), an annual living allowance (£15,285) and a Research Training Support Grant (for travel, consumables, as required).