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Dr Anselma Gallinat wins large AHRC grant

This week Anselma Gallinat (PI, GPS), Joanne Sayner (SACS) and Sara Jones (University of Birmingham) were awarded a large grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

The three year project will explore questions of secrecy and power in relation to the East German Secret Police, the Stasi, and East German society.

The project ‘Knowing the Secret Police’ seeks to challenge present-day narratives of the GDR as nothing but a dictatorship and of eastern Germans today as lacking civic skills due to their upbringing then, by highlighting the courage, creativity and sometimes simply stubbornness born out at the grassroots of society when dealing with the everyday threat of the Stasi. The project involves key German project partners of the Federal Agency for Political Education in Bonn (BpB) and a local branch of the Federal Agency for Stasi-files in Magdeburg (BStU). The project cost is £987,541 at 100% FEC. It will start in the autumn of 2018.

published on: 24 May 2018