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Dr. Alistair Clark cited in All Party Parliamentary Group Report

Research by Newcastle Politics' Dr. Alistair Clark has been cited today in an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Report on the crisis in voter registration. Dr. Clark's research has examined various aspects of electoral administration, including the financing of electoral registration and administration, and the extent of difficulties in polling stations. This matters because it goes to the heart of representative democracy; that everyone eligible can vote and all their votes are counted equally. The research finds that increased spending on electoral administration increases the quality of electoral administration, with electoral registration spending particularly important. The biggest problem faced by polling station staff on election day however is voters turning up who have not been properly registered and who have to be turned away. The report recommends strengthening the funding of registration services, and other reforms intended to ease the process at polling stations.

Linked publications:

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published on: 9 March 2016