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'New book: The value of the University Armed Service Units'

The Value of the University Armed Service Units, by Rachel Woodward, K. Neil Jenkings and Alison Williams, brings together the results of an ESRC-funded project which explored what the value of the units might be to student participants, to graduates in civilian jobs who had the experience as students, to the armed forces, to universities whose students take part in the units, and to employers of graduates with service unit experience. This book draws on quantitative and qualitative research data to explore whether, how, and why the units have value to these different groups.

Significant conclusions include:

  • How the units are able to assist students with the development of their transferable (graduate) skills
  • What the significance of the units is for future recruitment to the armed forces, particularly the Reserves
  • The effect of unit experience in developing an informed understanding of the role and function of the British armed forces amongst the wider civilian population.

This multifaceted approach will be of particular interest to scholars of military studies, sociology and higher education policy, and has the potential to develop into wider theoretical issues of civil-military relations and militarisation.

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published on: 22 October 2015