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Contemplating Geographical Concerns with pupils from Marine Park Primary in South Shields

Professor Rachel Woodward ,Dr Matt Jenkins and Leverhulme artist in residence Paula Turner have been contemplating geographical concerns with pupils from Marine Park Primary in South Shields

Professor Woodward introduced the children to her research area -Military Geography . This resulted in an energised and involving discussion with great excitement about Rachel being an author. The discussion was followed with a military landscapes walk, featuring paper telescopes and a secret undercover squirrel!

Rachel Woodward said ‘It was so exciting to walk around South Shields, thinking about how we look at landscapes, and to talk to the children about writing books. They had loads of interesting questions too, about what professors do and what ‘military’ means. I’m looking forward to my next adventure with them.’

Dr Matt Jenkins has been exploring the idea of maps as stories and inviting the young people to consider the relationships and associations which help them know where they are.

Head teacher Alison Burden commented

" It has been such a positive experience having this connection with Newcastle University. I have had children standing at my door desperate to tell me about " doing research". Some of our quieter children have really warmed to the open exploration of questions and using their knowledge as "experts" to assist Dr Matt in understanding more about where they live and the things that matter to them"

Paula's Leverhulme residency here at the university and further work in the community can be followed on her blog

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Prof Rachel Woodward and Marine Park pupils

published on: 26 October 2017