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Celebrating Research Scholarships and Expeditions in GPS 2017

Wednesday night saw GPS Geography & Sociology Graduates and Undergraduates showcase their diverse research and expedition achievements

Celebrating Research Scholarships and Expeditions

Presentations by students showed the achievements from a summer of research scholarships and expeditions. The projects reflect the broad range of academic interests within GPS.

Research Scholarship Awards

Inspirational Women in Geography’s Past: the Hidden Half of the Tyneside Geographical Society.

Grace Heavey, BA (Hons) Geography

Funding source: Newcastle University

Supervisor: Dr Helen Jarvis

“Cradle of the Confederacy, Birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement”: Race, Social Memory, and Landscapes of Commemoration in Montgomery, Alabama.

Katy Lamb, BA Combined Honours

Funding source: Newcastle University

Supervisor: Dr Catherine Degnen

Expeditions 2017

Understanding the Geomorphological Processes of a Glaciated Region, Svalbard

Holly Chubb and Emily Cave delivered one of five presentations to a large public audience: they did as expedition leaders on behalf of BSc (Hons) Geography team-mates;

  • Hayley Andrews
  • Callum Cochrane
  • Connor Downes
  • William Ogden
  • Carl Giardina
  • James Dickinson

In an inspiring presentation, Holly and Emily observed that ‘Understanding the Geomorphological Processes of a Glaciated Region, Svalbard’ represented a rare Arctic expedition led by female undergraduates, supervised by female academic expedition expert Dr Rachel Carr. The team collectively raised £10K to fund 3.5 weeks in the field, including essential rifle training, and the loan of sophisticated equipment for land and water climate science research. 

Funding sources: Newcastle University Expedition Committee, Royal Geographic Society (with IBG), The Arctic Club, Gino Watkins Award, The Scottish Arctic Club (and others). 

Academic supervisors: Prof. Andy Russell, Dr Andrew Henderson and Dr Neil Ross.

Annapurna South Glacier Scientific Expedition

Jack OxtobyJames Linighan, and Arminel Lovell , MPhil Geography as a Science

Funding sources: QRA – New Research Workers Award, Royal Geographic Society (with IBG) Small Research Grant and Geographical Research Grant, Mount Everest Memorial Fund and Mount Everest Foundation (and others).

Supervisor: Dr Rachel Carr.

(Geography success representing two of only four expeditions funded annually)

More information on the Research Scholarships scheme, including past award holders from Geography, Politics and Sociology is available here:
The University will once again support Expeditions and student Research Scholarships in 2018.

published on: 30 November 2017