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Northern Devolution: Are the public being left behind?

Newcastle University academics raise questions over the devolution of powers to city regions

Academics from Newcastle University are raising questions about 'Northern Devolution' - the process of increasing powers for cities in the North of England.


Dr Alistair Clark, lecturer in Politics, spoke on BBC Tees about how or whether public opinion was being taken into account in the discussions between city regions and The Treasury. Dr Clark also discussed the need to identify what the devolution of powers would mean for people in city regions and also for those in local villages. Listen here from 01:49:00. 


Academic staff from the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies also contributed to the evidence session for the House of Commons Communities and Local Government Committee inquiry on the Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill (video here and written transcript here). Professor Andy Pike, giving evidence at the committee, said “In England we have a very ad-hoc, piecemeal kind of process which is kind of unfolding, often very rapidly.” Further coverage via Newcastle Chronicle here and here, and you can read Prof Pike's article "Did the North East win true devolution?" in The Municipal Journal here (subscription access)



published on: 28 October 2015