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Storm Chasers in the news

A band of ‘storm chasers’ set up by Newcastle University have been making appearances on local news and radio.

The Flood Action Team are using met-office weather data to track intense rainfall and head off to areas where flash flooding is most likely to occur in order to collect data about flash flooding and inform the way we manage future flood risk.

Funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) through the Flooding From Intense Rainfall programme, the Flood Action Team are part of the SINATRA (susceptibility of catchments to intense rainfall and flooding) project which is led jointly by the universities of Newcastle and Reading.

A BBC Look North feature with Dr Geoff Parkin from the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences and Dr Matt Perks from Physical Geography is available on BBC iPlayer (from 16:09).

Geoff Parkin also speaks to BBC Newcastle's Alfie and Charlie at Breakfast show about the project, briefly at 34:50 and again during a longer piece at 50:15, followed by an interview with Senior Lecturer Dr Andy Large (34:50 and 50:15).

Andy Large also speaks again in an interview with BBC Tees Neil Green (from 28:05).


published on: 24 July 2015