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The Silent, Growing Crisis of Voter Registration

Dr Alistair Clark and Dr Emily Rainsford from Politics have signed an abridged letter which has been published in The Times and The Independent on voter registration and the growing crisis that is affecting our democratic process.

The letter has also been replicated in full here on the Political Studies Association blog and is a warning to David Cameron that the UK is facing a "silent, growing crisis in our democracy" over the decline in the number of people registered to vote.

 Since the 1950's the number of people on the electoral roll has dropped from 96% to 85% which is approximately 7.5 million missing names. The main concern being that a third of young people are not registered.

Introduction of Individual Electoral Registration (IER) - has been blamed by some for the reported 800,000 names that have disappeared from the electoral register since IER was introduced.

The letter calls on the Government to

"form a crucial first step in young citizens’ political engagement"

Suggesting that  "What is needed now is for the Government - and all political parties - to recognise this, think beyond partisan lines, and act to strengthen the foundations of UK democracy for the long-term."

published on: 18 February 2016