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Dr Robert Shaw on BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed

Dr Rob Shaw is appearing on BBC Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed on Wednesday 13th June to discuss his new book ‘The Nocturnal City’, now available from Routledge.

Dr Shaw, a lecturer in urban and social geography at Newcastle University, published the book ‘The Nocturnal City’, now available from Routledge. in February 2018 as the result of over a decade researching the city at night. His book explores how the night offers new ways to explore issues around urbanisation and globalisation. In The Nocturnal City, Dr Shaw argues that while some places and systems now operated in an active world of ‘24/7’, there are many more spaces in cities which remain dark and quiet through the night, outside of expanding ‘daytime’ society.

Thinking Allowed is broadcast at 4pm on Wednesday 13th June on BBC Radio 4, and is available shortly afterwards as a podcast.

published on: 13 June 2018