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Find out about the range of topics being researched by our current postgraduate students.

Eleojo Abubakar The Socio-Spatial Coverage and Inequality of Healthcare Services in Nigeria
Safaa Al Zerouni Controls on morphological change within wandering gravel-bed rivers over decadal time scales: the River Coquet, Northumberland, UK
Amy Barrett  A study of the formation, development and coalescence of supraglacial melt ponds in the Bhutan
Gemma Bone Dodds The politics of debt and the possibilities for socially useful finance: a diverse economies study of peer-to-peer finance and crowdfunding. 
Carl Bonner-Thompson ‘No camp, no fem’: exploring masculinities and sexualities across Grindr
Alessandro Boussalem Lives at the intersection: Exploring LGBTQ subjectivities in Brussels, Belgium
Emile Boustani Variegated Patterns of Firm Finance: a Study of Automobile Suppliers in Hungary and Eastern Germany
Philippa Carter Landscape and intergenerational memory in North East England
Jake Collins-May Origins of Glacial, Fluvial and Glaciofluvial Landforms in the Nereidum Montes; Mars
Rebecca Dell   
Wilbert Den Hoed  
Will Smith  
Ryan Dick Finding tsunami causing landslide deposits in the lakes of New Zealand
David Dodds  
Lewis Evans Creating new paths: the conversion and diversification of North Sea ports
Sonja Felder Mid-Pleistocene transition in the Asian monsoon
Jonathon Finn  
Quan Gao Religion, migration and the (post)secular city: politics and poetics of migrant-worker Christians in post-reform Shenzhen, China
Graham Gaunt Expectations and aspirations: the transition to the adulthood for working class young men in the de-industrialised North East region
Sean Gill Transitions to adulthood: young Poles experiences of migration and life in Northumberland
Panayiotis Hadjipavlis The Peculiarities of Cyprus' Airspace - Implications for Modern State Sovereignty
Devin Harrison Sedimentary architecture of the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcanogenic jökulhlaups: Gígjökull, Iceland
Joseph Herbert  
Emily Hill The Greenland Ice Sheet in a warming world: Determining drivers of current and future change on northern Greenland outlet glaciers
Evie Hill  
Tessa Holland Exploring the potential of co-creation in the convivial politics of Cittaslow (slow towns) UK
Nathar Iqbal Exploring everyday social and political geographies and encounters of non-heterosexual Muslims in the UK
Ian Jones  
Matthew Kearns Military masculinities and recruitment practices in the British Armed Forces
Jessie Kelly  
Niamh Lear  Generation Emigration? An exploration of 'Irishness' among London's second generation. 
James Linighan  
Arminel Lovell Explaining the varying response of Himalayan glaciers to climate change
Hannah Lyons Assembling the nation: spatialising young, religious American's affective experiences of the nation, fear and danger in the everyday
Naomi Maynard  
Louisa Matthews Iron Age Palaeoenvironments of Northwest Scotland
Anja McCarthy The changing shape of the local state and its institutional arrangements in the broadening field of economic development and regeneration
Alex McKee  Assessing the spatial pattern of rockfalls above glaciers in the Mont Blanc area and their coupling with glaciers. 
Heather Mew  
Diana Morales Arcila Regional Co-operation for Local and Regional Development: The Eje Cafetero and Mitteldeutschland experiences
Libby Morrison  
Peter Morris  
Jack Oxtoby  Formation of ice cliffs and their impacts on melt rates on Annapurna South Glacier
Robert Pollock Placing Regions in the Path Creation of the UK's Offshore Wind Industry?
Ged Ridley  
Stefan Rzedzian Indigenous Empowerment, Extractive Industries and the Rights of Nature: Assessing Ecuador's "Revolutionary" Political Framework
Laura Sariego-Kluge Geographies of public sector innovation and local economic development
Sari Novieta Hardeani  
Lexy Seedhouse Be(com)ing Indigenous in the Time of Extraction: (Re)articulating Identities in the Context of Peru’s Ley de Consulta Previa.
Jenny Smith Home from Home? Intercultural Interactions, Identity and Belonging for Refugees living in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
William Smith  Supraglacial deposition of large rock avalanches as sources of nutrients to glacial and extra-glacial ecosystems
Mai Cecilie Stabell Petroleum related FDI, Local Conditions and Poverty Reduction. The Macae region of Brazil
Maddy Thompson

Migrant Destinations and the Geographical Imaginations of Trainee Female Nurses in Metro Manila

Graham Thrower The marketisation of infrastructure: The enmeshment of the qualitative state and variegated capital
William Whitehead  
Andrea Wilkinson  
Isabel Williams Cartographies of Heritage: Mapping the Interpretations of Landscape