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Student Profiles

Daniel Bos

Project title: Answering the Call of Duty? The geopolitical imagination of video gamers

Supervisors: Dr Alison Williams, Prof Rachel Woodward and Dr M Power

This research aims to explore military first-person shooter videogames, such as Call of Duty, and how they come to shape and inform ideas about space, place, people and global politics. The project is led by Daniel Bos, and supervised by Professor Rachel Woodward, Dr Alison Williams and Professor Marcus Power.

The projects central focus is to examine player interactions with military themed videogames. Academic scholarship has largely been critical towards the militaristic values present in these games, however little attention has actually focused on the players themselves and how they engage with the virtual environments.

As such, the research aims to explore players attitudes towards these videogames and how they come to consume, interact and understand the games militaristic and (geo)political content.

The project is interested in speaking to players of these particular games in order to discuss three subjects:

  • players background into video gaming
  • attitudes towards the militaristic and political content of these games
  • experiences, feelings and emotions while playing

The discussion will be informal and last approximately 45mins- 1 hour. Players of any level or experience are encouraged to get in touch. Interviews can be done face-to-face, through email, or through playing the games online.

If you’re interested, or would like any further information email me.