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Charlie Bunce

Project title: Dynamic response of marine-terminating outlet glaciers to climate forcing in south-east and north-west Greenland

Supervisor: Dr. Rachel Carr

The Greenland Ice Sheet has experienced an acceleration in mass loss from -80Gt to -263Gt per year during the past decade, equating to 0.75mm global sea level rise per year. Mass is being lost via changes to surface mass balance and through a number of factors affecting marine-terminating outlet glaciers. The behaviour of marine terminating outlet glaciers in response to climate forcings in the north-west and south-east has varied spatially and temporally over the past two decades and is therefore a key point for investigation.

This project will perform a high resolution comparison of variation in response of marine-terminating outlet glaciers in the 'hotspots' of north-west and south-east Greenland to climatic and oceanic forcing. Through an investigation of the variation in magnitude, timing and pattern of retreat in the two regions over the last 20 years, this project will determine a high resolution record of retreat rates of marine-terminating outlet glaciers and provide a comparison of the differences across the two regions over the last 20 years.

The study of patterns of marine-terminating outlet glacier response to forcing may be directly applicable to other Arctic regions and is therefore vital to predicting the future of polar environments in a warming climate.


GEO1019 Physical Geography Field Course

GEO2108 Morocco Field Course


BSc Geography, Newcastle University 2015

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