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Jenny Lloyd

Project title: Embodying difference: transnational women’s experiences of living in Singapore

Supervisors: Professor Alastair Bonnett and Professor Peter Hopkins

Embodying difference is a research project studying the experiences of women who have migrated to Singapore. It is part of a PhD project led by Jenny Lloyd, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and supervised by Prof Peter Hopkins and Prof Alastair Bonnett.

The research seeks to explore narratives of migration through a focus on the everyday experiences of expatriate and migrant women living in Singapore.

Through interviews with female migrants the research will explore how the women’s lives are impacted by migration and the way that they adapt and feel about these changes. In particular it will explore how these women re-negotiate their lives in Singapore and the impact that migration has to their experiences of gender, body image, work and family.

I am looking to speak to women that have moved to Singapore and would be happy to talk about their experiences. Participants will be from a variety of nationalities and may have been in Singapore for only a few weeks or for many years. If you are interested in participating please get in contact with me.

The research will involve a casual discussion of your experiences, will be conducted in English in Singapore and will last about 1 hour.

If you are interested or would like to know more email me.